Costume & Cosplay Competition

Amelia Con welcomes attendees of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fandoms.  We are a family friendly event and we take pride in offering a fun, safe event for everyone who participates.

Tiny Tina, Amelia Con 2014 Costume Competition Winner

Tiny Tina Winner of the Amelia Con 2014 Costume Competition

Each competition has a unique set of rules in addition to the general Amelia Con rules that must be followed.  Below are some of the Costume and Cosplay Competition rules that overlap.  Some of these are duplicated from the Amelia Con General Rules for good measure.  For more detailed information about the Costume and Cosplay Competitions, please visit each of their respective pages.

You are, ultimately, responsible for abiding by the rules of the events and the convention.

These rules exist to ensure that we have a smoothly run, safe, and family-friendly event.  We have certain rules to prevent damage to our venue as well.  If any of these rules are broken by a participant and damages to the venue are the result, the participant will be held responsible.  If you make a mess,  you’ll have to clean it up.  Please keep this in mind.

After listening to your feedback and due to the overwhelming positive reception from cosplayers of all ages, Amelia Con will now have a Children’s Costume Showcase.  All children age 12 and under are encouraged to show off their costumes on stage.  Costumes should be age appropriate.  All participants will receive a participation ribbon.  There will not be judging for this category.  Children ages 12 and under are not allowed to enter the Costume or Cosplay Competitions.

  1. No political or “controversial” costumes/cosplays;
  2. No running;
  3. No jumping or acrobatics;
  4. No water, food, or consumables;
  5. Dry ice is permissible if it is a part of your costume.
  6. No throwing anything – plushies and pokeballs included;
  7. No swinging weapons at people or at the audience;
  8. No intentionally or accidentally harming yourself or other people;
  9. No lewd or offensive gestures;
  10. No lewd costumes;
  11. No wheeled vehicles;
  12. No generators;
  13. No dragging things across the stage;
  14. No strobes or special lighting (unless they are attached to your costume and are a part of it);
  15. No smoke machines;
  16. No swearing or foul language (including foreign languages);
  17. Respect your fellow entrants, attendees, staff, judges, and volunteers;
  18. No adjusting the curtains;
  19. No playing the piano.  Yes, it’s cool.  Yes, it would be awesome if we could use it.  No, we’re not allowed to.
  20. No pyrotechnics or fireworks;
  21. No confetti, glitter, or anything else that will require additional clean-up.  In other words, if you make a mess, you will be helping us clean up the stage and the rest of the main events and exhibit halls when the convention ends.
  22. No real or air soft guns;
  23. No “fighting”.  If you’re entering the Cosplay Competition, there are specific guidelines for stage fighting.  Please read and abide by them.
  24. Up to 10 people may enter the Costume and Cosplay Competitions, respectively, as a group.
  25. You may enter both or either of the competitions.  Participation in one does not require participation in the other.
  26. Regarding Weapons:
    – You may participate with a non peace-bound weapon as part of your costume as long as you do not “fight” with it, throw it, toss it, “swing” it, etc.
    – Acceptable weapons include swords and daggers.
    – Shuriken and other throwing weapons will not be permitted.  Do not bring them to the convention.
    – If you are using a sword or dagger as a prop, it must be peace-bound by the convention staff when you enter the convention.  It will be unbound before the costume competition starts and will be rebound afterwards.  It can only be unbound and rebound by staff.
    – Do not engage in any fake fighting with swords or weapons.  You may only pose with them.
    – Do not swing or slash with the sword.
    – If you crafted this weapon, please include that in the description on your application.
  27. Regarding Body Suits:
    – Body suits are acceptable as long as they are not “revealing” or lewd.
    – The Attack on Titan armored and female titan body suits will be permitted.
    –  Please used good judgement.  If we have complaints, we will have to ask you to change.
  28. Shoes are required to be worn during the convention at all times.  If your cosplay requires you to be barefoot, you may remove your shoes backstage, after you have walked up the stairs.  You must put your shoes back on after your performance and before you descend the stairs.
  29. Regarding Body Paint:
    – Body paint should not come off on any decor or the stage.  If it does, you will be held responsible for damages and clean up.
    – Body paint should not be the sole material covering your genitals.  If you cannot wear it at the beach, you cannot wear it at Amelia Con.
    – If there are any doubts as to what is acceptable, please send us a picture of what you plan to wear and we will tell you ahead of time if we find it inappropriate for the convention.
  30. No characters from adult material, domestic or foreign;
  31. Costumes must be durable.  In other words, your costume should not fall apart on stage and especially should not reveal any private body parts, even accidentally.