Artist Rules

To apply for an artist or crafter space, please fill out our Artist and Crafter Registration Form.

Amelia Con offers our attendees a diverse collection of art, writing, and crafts.  Art of all mediums, styles, and subject matter is welcome.

Unfortunately, we have limited space and cannot accommodate everyone.

To prevent limiting our spectrum, we are implementing a first come, first serve jury process this year.  We are looking to fill our alley with an eclectic array of styles, products, and artists who are excited to be at Amelia Con.  We want to work with artists who will help us promote our show and who will allow us to promote them.  If you are not selected, this does not imply that your work is sub par in any way, it means that we ran out of space.  If this is the case, you will be placed on a waiting list and, should space come available, you will be notified.

Fan art is permitted.  However, original content will always be preferred to fan art, given comparable quality.  If you are submitting a portfolio with fan art in it, the fan art must be fully designed, drawn, sewn, crafted, etc. by you or your group.  Scanning, tracing, and/or sight-drawing someone’s art or design is not considered to be your own art, regardless of the medium.

No official logos, lettering, or branding will be allowed on fan art.  This includes full replicas with unobscured art of the Attack on Titan, Ouran Host Club, and other crests.

No replicas of existing official art will be permitted.  (IE – do not draw the cover art or a promotional poster for either the US or Japanese release of a game, series, anime, etc.)

No Perlr creations of existing characters and items.  Perlr creations are welcome if they are original designs and original concepts.

All artists must produce their own art.  If you are selling art or crafts created by someone else, please apply for an exhibitor space, not an artist table.  If the art or products you are selling were not created by you, your application will be denied.

If you do apply for an exhibit space because you are selling someone else’s art, that must be indicated on your exhibitor application.  To be on the safe side, please provide a letter from that artist stating that you can sell their work.  If it is discovered (even during the show) that you are selling someone else’s art without permission, you will be asked to leave and you will be blacklisted from Amelia Con’s future shows.  We take theft very seriously.

All tables are sold on a first come, first serve basis after the jury process.  There are 12 artist tables available.  No tables will be held or reserved without payment.  Artists are limited to one table each.  Tables are $65 each.  Payment must be made, in full, within two weeks of receiving your acceptance email.

  • 8×2′ Table
  • Space with up to 5 feet to the next Artist’s Space behind you (it’s plenty of room for chairs, inventory, and banners)
  • About 2′ of space between you and your neighbor which is not to be blocked.  This is so you can get in and out without tripping on each other.
  • Two chairs.  Please keep these chairs within your space.
  • Entry to the exhibit hall as early as 7:00 a.m. (2.5 hours before VIP Passholders; 3 hours before General Admission)
  • Two Laminated Badges
    • Entry to all Amelia Con events that are not separately ticketed
    • Artist Badges are nontransferable.  Please contact the Convention Chair if you have paid and cannot attend.
    • Additional badges may be purchased for the current registration rate.  (Only the artist and one other person can be behind the table.  If your group exceeds two people or requires more than two people to operate it, please consider purchasing an exhibitor’s booth.  Artists may not purchase additional tables.)
  • Amelia Con will provide a black tablecloth that drapes to the floor.  Tables do not come skirted.
  • Labeled Artist Alley Tables before you arrive
  • Security Presence
    • We have volunteers and security staff walking the exhibit hall floor.  Some will be wearing Security Shirts or Staff Badges others will be in plain clothes.
  • Traffic
    • We guarantee that every person who comes into the exhibit hall will pass through the artist alley
  • Electricity
    • We run extension cords and have power strips behind each table for artists to share.
    • This is at no cost to you.

Included Advertising & Advertising Discounts

  • Facebook Advertising:
    • We “Like” your page
    • We share you bio
    • We share your page (and website)
    • We tag you in any posts we make about you and/or your studio or art
    • We even make spiffy promotional images featuring you and your art as long as you provide the images!
  • Website Presence:
    • Artist listing on our Artist Alley event page featuring your name, bio, and art (that you submit!)
    • Your booth identified on our Exhibit Hall Map
    • Links from our site to all of yours
  • Convention Presence
    • Inclusion in the convention brochure
    • Your artist table clearly identified with you and/or your studio’s name on the convention brochure’s maps
    • An event map that defines where the artist alley is
  • Discounted Advertising Rates (click for PDF)

Additional Niceties and Courtesies You Deserve

  • An event map with your table location clearly indicated before January 15, 2019
  • Directions to the venue distributed before January 15, 2019.
    • We even send them out again a day before the show, just in case you missed the email!
  • Early badge pick-up on Friday, March 8 between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. at the Women’s Club of Fernandina Beach.
  • Early access parking.  If you arrive between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m., we can pretty much guarantee that you will have front/second row parking spot.  If you arrive after 9:00 a.m., you’re taking chances.
  • A gigantic load-in door with vehicle access
  • A shared dolly for exhibitors and artists to use, if needed
  • An available crew of strong, capable volunteers to help you load in, if needed
  • Light snacks and warm/cold drinks all day
  • Lunch (something simple like sandwiches or pizza – please let us know if you have allergies!)
  • Artists will set-up prior to early entry and remain set-up for the full duration of the show.
  • Products, equipment, chairs, banners, displays, merchandise, etc. will stay either on the artist’s table, affixed to the artist’s table, or within four feet behind the artist’s table.  Nothing may obstruct the flow of traffic or overlap another artist’s or exhibitor’s space.  Amelia Con staff have the right to request removal or outright remove anything that obstructs the flow of traffic.
  • All Artist displays must be on their table or behind their chairs.  Please do not box yourself into your space.  Artist tables are not meant to be exhibit booths.  There is limited walking space behind artist tables and the flow of traffic should not be obstructed.  Please take this into consideration when setting up your booth.
  • Payment for the artist table must be made within two weeks of application approval.
  • All displays in your space must be stable.  Artists will be held responsible for any damages that occur to the convention hall, convention equipment, personnel, guests, artists, and attendees within their table’s space.
  • Tables may not be moved, rotated, or rearranged.  If you require walking space for customers, please consider purchasing an exhibit space.
  • Artists have the right to refuse any sale without providing reason.
  • Artists have the right to barter, offer sales, raise and lower prices, and auction merchandise.
  • Nothing may be affixed to the walls or floors of the event hall.  This includes, but is not limited to, using sticky tacky, clear tape, masking tape, duct tape, sticky squares, sticky hooks, etc.  Any person who violates this policy will be responsible for reimbursing the event hall and Amelia Con for all damages, time, and any other incurred expenses for removing the product(s).
  • Artists are responsible for all merchandise sold at their tables.
  • Artists are permitted to sell mature content.  All adult, mature, or questionable materials must be covered or censored and should only be shown to and sold to customers of appropriate age.  Amelia Con has the right to request that any merchandise be censored or removed for any reason.
  • Artists will submit a portfolio.  For more information about how to submit a portfolio, click here.
  • One Artist per table.  Amelia Con does not sell half tables.  If your duo works together as a team under one business, that’s fine.  There should not be separate “businesses” at your artist table.
    • Any person who is conducting a separate business will be asked to leave.
  • Artists may bring their own chairs.  Let’s face it – convention chairs are hard, uncomfortable, and unforgiving.  If you want to bring a comfy chair for yourself, please do so.  We don’t want you to be cramped and uncomfortable all weekend.  As long as your chair(s) fit within your space and are not blocking the aisles, interfering with another exhibitor or artist, or somehow wobbly enough to cause harm to someone, you are welcome to bring your chair.  All we ask is that your chair have your name on it, that it fit in your area, and it not inconvenience anyone.  You will be responsible for all of your belongings, including your chair.
  • Artists may not sell their table to someone else.  Please notify us if you cannot attend and we will work with you.
    • If you do not notify us and you do not show (by 10:30 a.m. on Saturday of the convention), you will be banned from exhibiting at future Amelia Cons.  You will not be refunded.
    • If you do not show, your booth will be given to someone else.
  • Artists may not transfer their table.
    • If you are applying, you must be at the convention.
    • If you are a studio representing more than 2 artists or a collective of artists, you will not be allowed to “swap” members (and thus products/art) prior to the convention.
  • Artists and their assistants will abide by the convention rules.

Artists and their assistants will be required to check in using a state or government issued ID matching the name provided on the registration form.  No badges will be given to those without proper identification.  Your assistant will be provided a badge with his/her name on it, if it was provided.  This badge is non-transferable and only the person wearing the artist assistant badge is allowed to sit behind your booth, aside from you.


Registration Table

Women’s Club (behind the Recreation Center)

2500 Atlantic Avenue, Fernandina Beach, FL

5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.



Registration at the large loading door

Fernandina Beach Recreation Center (Exhibit Hall)

2500 Atlantic Avenue, Fernandina Beach, FL

7:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.


Artists and their assistants are required to remain set up with at least one staff member present at all times during convention hours, including VIP early entry.

  • Amelia Con will reply to all emails and phone calls within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Amelia Con will always send you confirmation of receipt of application and payment.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within 3 business days, please email us.
  • The Convention Chair has the final say on all applications and can deny any application for any reason without providing cause.  However, she will be willing to answer questions and provide additional information if requested.
  • Amelia Con will provide payment details via email upon approval of application.
  • Amelia Con will not be responsible for providing extra space, displays, or storage for artists, exhibitors, or panelists.
  • Amelia Con has the right to request that any merchandise be censored or removed for any reason.
  • Amelia Con staff will be available at the Registration Table at the front of the convention hall should you need assistance during the day.  We also have an Amelia Con Staff member roaming the exhibit hall.
  • Amelia Con will list all artists in convention brochures.
  • Amelia Con will provide advertising space to all artists in the form of a short artist bio and picture on the artists’ page on the Amelia Con website.  The artist must provide this information and the images.  Additional advertising may be purchased.
  • Upon receipt of payment, Amelia Con will update the website and social media pages with artist’s provided information and links as soon as feasible.
  • Amelia Con will clearly designate all artist and exhibitor booths/tables prior to 8:00 a.m.
  • Amelia Con will provide clear directions to the venue from I-95 and clear parking instructions at the venue.
  • Amelia Con will not provide refunds on artist tables after 5 business days of receipt and confirmation of payment.  If you cannot make the convention and purchased a table, please notify us.
  • Amelia Con is not responsible for providing transportation or hotel accommodations to any artists, exhibitors, volunteers, or attendees.
  • Amelia Con will deny future applications of artists who purchase a booth and do not show up for the convention.
  • Amelia Con will designate a loading zone during set-up and break-down times but cannot guarantee parking or accessibility as these spaces will be available on a first come, first serve basis.