Sponsor Amelia Con

Become a hero to your local community and sponsor Amelia Con!

We offer several sponsorship opportunities for local businesses and individuals as well as our artists and exhibitors. Sponsorships can be as low cost and as simple as having your logo appear in our digital event program, app, and on our website.




Become a superhero to the Amelia Con community by co-sponsoring Amelia Con! This means your branding appears alongside ours on all of our printed and applicable digital media. We will work closely with you to increase the visibility of your brand among our community both at the convention and leading up to it.



Join us in bringing some of the most notable names in the anime, video gaming, cosplay, and comic book industries to Amelia Con! This sponsorship level includes your business’ branding alongside ours whenever we mention our guest in our printed and applicable digital media as well as on a banner at the guest’s table.




Our artists, exhibitors, and volunteers need to eat! When you’re working hard at a convention, the opportunity to quickly procure good food becomes a real challenge and we always fondly remember those who feed us. Your sponsorship not only comes with a warm fuzzy feeling but also branding on all mentions of our exhibit hall in printed media and applicable digital media.

Video Game Hub

One of the most popular features of Amelia Con is our massive video game library and retro consoles. By sponsoring the video gaming portion of Amelia Con, you’ll see your branding wherever video gaming is mentioned on our website, program, social media, and at the convention. If you provide stickers, you can even brand our TVs!



Amelia Con creates the opportunity for family and friends to unplug and unwind to some fun, engaging TableTop games including classic board games, Trading Card Games, and new competitive games. By sponsoring the TableTop portion of the convention, your business’ branding will appear whenever and wherever TableTop gaming is mentioned in our program, on our website, and on our applicable media.


Your Branding
On Our Media

All sponsorship packages include branding and some include a lot more. But, if you’d just like to show your support with a simple logo on our site, in our program, and on our social media pages via one shout out, this is the option for you. By purchasing advertising space or slapping your logo in our digital program, you’re supporting every facet of Amelia Con and getting your name to reach thousands of potential customers.