About Amelia Con

Amelia Con is the first and only “nerd” convention on Amelia Island, Florida. We bring popular media, comic book, game, animation, and pop culture icons, exhibitors, artists, and events from near and far.

During the convention weekend, Amelia Island comes alive with cosplayers and fans celebrating their favorite shows, books, and games. Amelia Con is a safe, family friendly event focused on culture and education. It is a unique experience for new convention goers as well as seasoned convention vets. We believe in starting on time, ending on time, and keeping the event organized so that you can make the most of your day.

We support our local community and businesses and, as of March 2019, are proud members of the Amelia Island Chamber of Commerce.

Amelia Island, known as the Isle of 8 Flags, is notorious for its small town hospitality and charm, sandy white beaches, and historical atmosphere. We’re proud to offer you that southern hospitality at Amelia Con whether you’re a guest, an attendee, or a vendor. We believe in taking care of all those involved in the convention because we love the same things you do and we want to bring you an awesome event that you’ll enjoy time and time again.

We are proud that Amelia Con was one of the “must attend” events in Northeast Florida and we can’t wait to share the convention with you annually from now on.

Because the concept is still a bit new to our area, we’ve taken the time to answer some frequently asked questions about conventions and about Amelia Con specifically. If you have a question, please email us at info(at) We look forward to receiving and replying to your email, especially those with suggestions and feedback. If there’s a guest you’d like to meet, please let us know!

What is a convention?

A convention is a gathering of people who share a common interest. In the case of Amelia Con, it’s for people who enjoy or are interested in anime, animation, comic books, video games, TableTop games, trading card games, literature, sci-fi, fantasy, costuming, cosplaying, steampunk, and popular TV shows, books, and movies. For example, most attendees are probably interested in Doctor Who, Fullmetal Alchemist, My Hero Academia, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Superman, The Avengers, World of Warcraft, Munchkin, Final Fantasy, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Attack on Titan, Metroid, Megaman, the Ninja Turtles, Venture Bros., Steven Universe, and so much more! They show up at conventions to purchase things they cannot buy online, hang out with friends who share similar interests, participate in tournaments, meet people who create their favorite media, and attend events that provide them insight into the industry or are just for fun.

I heard people attend conventions in costumes, is that true?

Yes! Some people make their own costumes, some people cosplay characters from games or shows, and some people wear store bought costumes. Any costume is fine with us as long as it’s family friendly!

Who typically wears costumes at conventions?

Everyone! We’ve been to a lot of conventions and we’ve seen people of all ages, shapes, nationalities, and sizes celebrating their fandom through cosplay and costuming. You’re never too young or old!

What’s the difference between costuming and cosplaying?

When you think of costuming, think of Halloween. People dress up in costume for the “look”. They don’t necessarily take on the personality of the person they are dressed as. When people cosplay however, they are acting as the character they represent would act. This results in impromptu skits, awesome photograph opportunities (with the cosplayer’s permission), and friendships built on the art of cosplay and a particular fandom.

What types of merchandise can I purchase at Amelia Con?

We’re proud to bring you a variety of exhibitors and artists who offer merchandise from anime, animation, comic books, video games, TableTop games, trading card games, literature, sci-fi, fantasy, costuming, steampunk, and popular TV Shows, books, and movies. You can buy everything from models and figures to trading card decks, video games, and Japanese candy. Artists will also be available for commissions, making this a unique chance for you to meet professional and indie artists, see some of their work, and ask them to draw you anything you want!

How does Amelia Con compare in price to other conventions?

We want to bring you a reasonably priced event that your family can enjoy for less than the price of dinner and a movie. We aim to keep the convention less than $25 per day, per person. Currently, the convention will be $10 for advanced tickets and will increase to $15 starting the day of the convention. This price covers all events, not just the exhibit hall. Prices do not include tax. Young children (12 and under) will get in free.

How many exhibitors and artists will be at Amelia Con?

We typically post our floor plan within four months of the event. Our event hall changes depending on the feedback we receive from attendees. In 2014, we welcomed 12 vendors. In 2016, we had 13 vendors but received word that the hall was too crowded. To fix this, we scaled back the exhibit hall to 7 vendor spaces for 2019 and learned this was too small. For 2020, we’ve listened to feedback and reworked the floor plan to include 10 exhibitors and 8 artists. We also have added a Sell-N-Swap event on Sunday for attendees to sell their previously loved fandom merchandise. We have enough space for 29 of these tables while also being able to include up to three vendors who might be interested in vending on Sunday.

Where will Amelia Con be held?

Times are subject to change.

Women’s Club (Events TBD)

Fernandina Beach Recreation Center
(11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.: Exhibits / Artists)
(8:00 p.m. - 11:59 p.m.: Gaming)

Women’s Club
(9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.)

Fernandina Beach Recreation Center
(10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)
Women’s Club
(10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)

Times are subject to change.